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SMART Transportation Division and UTUIA employees ready to serve you

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Following are employees of the UTU International and UTUIA who are ready to serve you:

Arnold, Wade
PC technician, IT Dept.
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3907

Wade Arnold is the union’s computer technician and mainframe-computer operator. He answers calls from members and officers about personal computers; offers hardware recommendations; updates hardware, operating systems and software on the union’s many computers; recovers forgotten passwords; maintains printers; services the union’s email, website and telephone-system computer servers, and keeps things humming.

Bankston, Barbara
Co-director, Updating/Auditing Dept.
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3601
(216) 227-5266 direct

Barbara Bankston serves the members by answering their questions about dues. She also assists local treasurers, does audits of locals, and if an auditor needs a hand, helps as needed. She also serves as secretary of the UTU’s Human Rights Committee.


Bolles, Doug
Transportation Division supply representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 5401
(216) 227-5401 direct

Doug Bolles is responsible for the preparation and mailing of SMART years of service pins and certificates, new member kits, new hire kits and UTUIA letters. He also reproduces all documents and publications for these mailings.


Brandow, Jeff
Assistant to the President
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3011
(216) 227-5424 direct


Brodar, Kevin
Associate general counsel
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3401



Burgos, Ashley
Legal secretary
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3404

Camlin, Al
Records representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3911

Al Camlin files documents and file folders as well as retrieval for other departments. He is primarily responsible for scanning billings and various SMART documents, including organizing those documents. He is also the back-up for the President’s File Room.



Cashin, Karen
Senior updating representative, Billing/Audit Department
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3602
(216) 227-5260 direct

Karen Cashin is the senior updating representative in the Billing/Audit Department.


Centlivre, Beth
Actuarial supervisor
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3710
(216) 227-5425 direct

Beth Centlivre is in charge of all in-house actuarial duties, including calculating insurance reserves, dividends, cash surrender values and non-forfeiture values. 


Collazo, Irma
Direct billing administrator
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3610
(216) 227-5433 direct

Irma Collazo answers telephone calls from members who have questions about their insurance bills. She also sends out insurance forms, deducts funds from policyholders’ checking accounts at the end of the month, types up bills and mails them out, and cancels insurance policies.



Dailey, Nancy
Customer service, Policyholders Service
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3742
(216) 227-5290 direct

Nancy provides customer support to insureds with questions pertaining to their insurance policies, which includes all aspects of coverage/policy provisions as well processing notifications pertaining to coverage and/or premium changes.


Dascalescu, Lidia
Accounting representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3510
(216) 227-5254 direct

Lidia Dascalescu pays and files withheld income tax, issues W2 forms and handles worker’s compensation claims. She also works with the Updating Department to process payroll forms submitted by the locals and forwards that information to the Railroad Retirement Board on a quarterly basis.

DeArman, Charlotte
Billing auditor
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3606
(216) 227-5269 direct

Charlotte DeArman is responsible for auditing about 140 locals. She speaks with local treasurers, audits the locals’ billings on a day-to-day basis, update the computer system and work with local auditors and secretary/treasurers to balance the locals’ books. I also serve as co-chief steward of OPEIU Local 17, which represents many UTU employees.



Diehl, Erika
Assistant general counsel
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3405

Erika Diehl, the daughter of a career locomotive engineer and an elementary school teacher – both union members – assists the UTU International, its rail, bus and transit chairpersons and members with legal issues affecting organizational rights.


Dissell, Kim
Billing auditor
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3608
(216) 227-5295 direct

Kim Dissell helps local treasurers and members resolve issues with their employment status and deductions on the billings for their locals. She also provides a service to the members and treasurers and develops a rapport with them as a resource to solve problems and balance billings.

Dolin, Matt
Director, information systems
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3900
(216) 227-5221 direct

Matt Dolin oversees all software and hardware initiatives. (The UTU has about 100 computers at the UTU International and another 30 in the field.) He also works with vendors and contractors, and is involved in the implementation of the direct receipt program, where employers send dues moneys directly to the UTU.


Golden, Lisa
Senior underwriter
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3750
(216) 227-5205 direct

Lisa Cropper reviews applications for life and disability insurance policies and, guided by years of training, and an extensive set of guidelines, makes a final determination of the insurance risk. She considers the whole picture, which includes medical exams, lab work, medical records, motor-vehicle reports and telephone interviews.

Graber, Rick
Updating/auditing representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3611
(216) 227-5264 direct

Rick Graber handles the bills sent to UTUIA policyholders. He mails out between 3,000 and 7,000 bills a month and processes/updates insurance payments and records. He issues refunds, moves members from treasurers billing to direct billing, and field calls from insured members to assist them. He also helps UTUIA field supervisors as necessary.


Grant, Paula
Billing auditor
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3605
(216) 227-5268 direct

Paula Grant helps local officers and members with their dues and insurance billing problems.

Hathcock, Terri
Billing auditor
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3603
(216) 227-5267 direct

Terri Hathcock helps local treasurers and members resolve issues with their employment status and deductions on the billings for their locals. She also provides a service to the members and treasurers and develops a rapport with them as a resource to solve problems and balance billings. 


Hengesbaugh, Greg
Public Relations/Membership Services representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3102


Hill, Karyn
Records representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3802

Karyn Hill oversees a file room with almost 600,000 individual files. She works at keeping them all straight. She creates files for new members, searches files for deceased members, pulls files for various departments, and adds information to files as needed.


Horvath, Adam
Lead Data Entry Operator, Updating/Auditing
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3621



Horvath, John
Administrative assistant to the President’s Dept.
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3006

John Horvath helps officers and members with questions involving application of the UTU Constitution, including matters involving elections, audits, transfers, jurisdictional disputes and dues obligations.


Huff, Melissa
New system developer
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3902

Melissa Huff develops web-based computer applications, such as the iLink system, which is the UTU’s online membership database, among other things. She also works on the online registration website for the regional meetings and convention. She also helps local officers navigate their way around iLink.


Kight, Joyce
Senior accounting representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3508
(216) 227-5203 direct

Joyce Kight is involved in the UTU/UTUIA monthly closing. She processes the UTU monthly billings and UTUIA direct-billing payments, new insurance, loan payments, non-sufficient fund notices and benefits held in trust. She works to balance tax funds, annuity funds and more.


Kusnic, Rick
Director, accounting and financial reporting, UTUIA
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3501
(216) 227-5293 direct

Rick Kusnic is responsible for providing all financial information to UTUIA officers so they are able to check progress and plan the future course of the insurance association. His responsibilities include payroll, commissions, payables and receivables, taxes, compliance and regulatory filings, banking and the general ledger function.


Lasby, Karen
Annuity specialist
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3720
(216) 227-5232 direct

Karen Lasby assists members who invest in individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and annuities through the UTUIA. She processes their investments, assists them with withdrawals and answers questions about benefits and payouts.


Latevola, Jeanne
Billing auditor
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3609
(216) 227-5265 direct

Jeanne Latevola helps local treasurers and members resolve issues with their employment status and deductions on the billings for their locals. She also provides a service to the members and treasurers and develops a rapport with them as a resource to solve problems and balance billings.



LeAnza, Justine
Customer service representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3702

Lough, Dan
Director of meeting management
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3100
(216) 227-5411 direct

Dan Lough coordinates the regional, field supervisor, Designated Legal Counsel and other meetings, workshops and conventions for the UTU and UTUIA. He negotiates all hotel and convention center contracts, and coordinates all meals, tours, décor, entertainment, AV and transportation for these meetings. He also handles negotiations with union printers for UTU News and other UTU printing projects.   


Maj, Jane
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3999

Jane Maj (pronounced “My”) is the voice of the UTU and UTUIA. When you call the UTU or UTUIA, chances are excellent it will be Jane who answers your call. Jane also greets visitors to the UTU and UTUIA when they alight from the elevators and helps direct them to their destinations. When she’s not on the phone (and sometimes when she is) Jane helps other departments with their mailing needs.


Majher, Dave
Accounting representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3507
(216) 227-5213 direct

Dave Majher pays expense claims submitted by the UTU International officers, general committees, state legislative boards and UTUIA.  He is also responsible for preparing and distributing changes in dues assessments for general committee and state legislative boards.  Dave helps answer calls about claims, mileage and per diem.


Martinez, Angie
DIPP administrator
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3015
(216) 227-5277 direct
(888) 452-3729 toll free

If you have questions about the UTU’s Discipline/Income Protection Program (D/IPP) or the UTUIA’s scholarship program, Angie Martinez is the go-to gal. She handles all aspects of the D/IPP program, from approving claims to issuing new policies to answering questions from members and prospective members. Angie also oversees the UTUIA Scholarship Program, which awards scholarships to UTU and UTUIA members and their families.


McDonald, Jane
Payroll/pension administrator
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3003
(216) 227-5421 direct

Jane McDonald processes the bi-weekly payroll for all full-time UTU International, UTUIA, general committee and state legislative board employees, about 240 individuals. She also administers the accounting for the UTU PAC and DIPP and helps general committees and boards with questions about payrolls and other issues. Mrs. McDonald is also the union’s pension benefits administrator.



McGinty, Cara
Administrative assistant to the Bus, Yardmaster and President’s Departments
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3014
(216) 227-5406 direct

Cara McGinty types correspondence and agreements; handles federal transit applications, organizing materials and A cards. She also assembles booklets, organizing mailings and retirement kits. She handles the life insurance for the yardmasters.


McKeever, Erin
Assistant Director of Marketing and Sales
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3752
(216) 227-5439 direct

As assistant director of marketing and sales, Erin has many duties. Her responsibilities include creating marketing flyers and brochures for new products or advertisements and updating existing material as needed. She works with supply on the purchase and design of UTUIA promotional items. Erin processes monthly production reports, helps with organization and preparation of meetings and assists with the processing of new sales.  She also works with the actuary and director on new products or changes to existing products.  She handles Field Supervisor licensing, territory changes and Local Insurance Representative assignments. 

McLucas, Mike
Claim adjuster
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3732
(216) 227-5207 direct

Mike McLucas processes death benefits for members holding life insurance and accidental-death policies, issues payments to the listed beneficiaries or arranges to have the proceeds paid directly to the funeral home. He also processes endowment policies when they mature and assists fellow claim adjusters with members’ phone calls.


Miller, Jenny
Assistant chief of staff
(202) 543-7714

Jenny Miller assists the national and alternate national legislative directors. She keeps track of their calendars and the office calendar. She does research on legislative and regulatory issues, and assists with UTU PAC contributions and disbursements. She handles a myriad of correspondence with officers, state legislative directors, members and others.


Miller, Nancy
Executive assistant to the president
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3013
(216) 227-5424 direct

Nancy Miller handles the SMART Transportation Division president’s correspondence and scheduling. She also maintains the files for officer assignments and helps resolve issues from transportation division general committees. She coordinates matters that come before the Board of Directors and Board of Appeals.


Miller, Wendy
UTU PAC administrator

(216) 228-9400 ext. 3007

(216) 227-5256 direct


Wendy Miller keeps track of, and disburses, funds to state and Federal candidates, and provides information to the national and state legislative directors as needed. She files reports with the Federal Election Commission and other state entities and processes incoming UTU PAC contributions from active and retired members.


Morgano, Carl
Accounting representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3511
(216) 227-5206 direct

Carl Morgano processes vendor payments for general committees, locals, the UTU International and the Washington, D.C., office. He also processes refunds for general committees and others for overpayments of dues and such. He also takes calls from officers to answer their financial questions.



Neighbors, Tracey
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3402
(216) 227-5288 direct

Tracey Neighbors is the lone paralegal in the UTU Legal Department. She is often given multiple assignments by the attorneys, who are usually working on short notice. She does legal research, contacts court personnel and local counsel, drafts pleadings for filing, and types briefs and other documents. She also maintains the legal files and billing records and makes sure that court deadlines are met.


Nitschke, Cary
Senior information services specialist
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3906
(216) 227-5222 direct

Cary Nitschike is responsible for the installation, maintenance and updating of the more than 100 computers at the UTU International, as well as countless other computers used by field supervisors, officers and others. He also oversees the website and email computer servers. He is currently spearheading the UTU’s conversion from mainframe-computer operations to a Windows-based server platform.


O’Reilly, Myles
Supervisor of accounting
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3502
(216) 227-5224 direct

Myles O’ Reilly’s primary duties are to handle Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor and Railroad Retirement Board filings for the UTU International and general committees. He also tries to resolve problems with the Railroad Retirement Board on behalf of members.


Oros, Joe
Assistant director, information systems
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3904
(216) 227-5227 direct

Oros’s work revolves around the UTUIA, supporting the various insurance-related departments. He is the behind-the-scene kind of guy, making sure things run smoothly and resolving any problems that arise.


Palmer, Jerry
Director, records administration; associate director, human resources
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3800
(216) 227-5432 direct

Jerry Palmer splits his days between the records department and human resources. In the record’s department he handles membership and insurance records. He also researches and codes correspondence involving the president and his staff.


Pogorelc, Lou
New systems architect
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3903

Lou Pogorelc is a senior new systems developer in the union’s Information Technology Department. He designs and develops new web-based applications as well as enhancing and fixing bugs in existing applications. These include the iLink system, payroll, annuity, and the UTU Safety Task Force Survey. He also is responsible for making sure that the UTU is following industry standards when building its applications and that the union is utilizing the most current tools available.


Powers, Lisa
Supervisor of customer service
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3751
(216) 227-5218 direct

Lisa Powers is the UTUIA’s associate underwriter. She reviews applications along with required medical information, such as paramedical exams and medical records, against industry-standard guidelines, to determine the eligibility of insurance for those members applying for disability income replacement insurance and/or life insurance products.


Rasgaitis, Tim
Senior records representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3801
(216) 227-5214 direct

Tim Rasgaitis is the senior records representative. He makes sure the local transfers and membership changes are marked accurately on the member’s files. His duties also include opening and distributing the president department’s mail and the coding and filing of the president department’s correspondence. Research projects, microfilm/fiche searches, along with scanning of billings, are handled daily.


Rauch, Dale
Insurance processor/Updating Dept.
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3620
(216) 227-5251 direct

Dale Rauch serves as the UTUIA’s insurance processor. Dale would like the men and women in the UTU to remember the word “clarity” when filling out hand-written applications. “If you can’t read it, neither can I,” he said. “I have really enjoyed serving the union and members throughout the years in my various duties and look forward to new challenges in the future.”


Rayner, Amy
Public Relations assistant
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3101
(216) 227-5412 direct

Amy Rayner earned her B.A. in Professional Writing from Penn State University. She works in the PR department, helping with the webpage, newspaper, social media, Alumni Association and creating publications. 


Redmond, Tom
Policyholder service representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3741
(216) 227-5298 direct

Tom Redmond handles general correspondence which involves making changes to existing insurance policies.  When contacted by telephone, he assists policyholders by answering questions about their insurance policies and helping them decide how they can best utilize the plans of insurance the UTUIA can provide.


Schmidt, Pat
Assistant director, Insurance Dept./Claims
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3730
(216) 227-5273 direct

Patricia Schmidt handles accident, disability, cancer, life and endowment insurance claims.  She supervises the claim department and assists the claim adjusters with any questions that may arise in their daily responsibilities.


Shivak, Joe
Director, Transportation Division Supply Department
(216) 228-9400 ext. 5400
(216) 227-5400 direct
216-227-5200 fax

Joe Shivak is responsible for the purchasing and distribution of all the materials used by the SMART Transportation Division and UTUIA as well as the operation of the mail room and print shop.


Spangler, Marilyn
Director, Updating/Auditing Depts.
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3600
(216) 227-5263 direct

Marilyn Spangler communicates with local treasurers who have problems, and handles whatever problems arise with local billings. Spangler also is president of UTUIA Unit 1, a member of UTU Auxiliary Lodge 5, and is active in fundraising. Through her efforts thousands of dollars have been donated to organizations such as Coats for Kids, Harvest for Hunger and Matthew’s Lending Library, which supplies equipment for special-needs children.



Taylor, Art
Deputy controller
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3500
(216) 227-5217 direct


Todd, Charlene
Sales and Underwriting Assistant
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3753
(216) 227-5438 direct

Charlene Todd tracks incoming mail on I-Link. She processes life and health insurance applications and does daily follow-ups for outstanding items and underwriting requirements. She communicates with, and assists, UTUIA field supervisors on pending items, supplying their needs and routing them incoming leads. She also helps with policy issuance.

Vajentic, Mike
New systems architect
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3901

Mike Vajentic creates custom-designed software used throughout both UTU and UTUIA. He looks at the business processes for all UTU and UTUIA departments, then designs and builds software to try to improve them. Most of his work is on the new iLink web-based applications, used both internally and by local and general committee officers.


Vega, Mike
Billing auditor
(2160 228-9400 ext. 3612
(216) 227-5264 direct

Mike Vega helps local treasurers and members resolve issues with their employment status and deductions on the billings for their locals. He also provides a service to the members and treasurers and develops a rapport with them as a resource to solve problems and balance billings. 


Weik, Monica
Accounting Representative
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3509
(216) 227-5202 direct

Monica handles a lot of different things. She takes care of UTU International employees’ health and welfare changes and payments to health-care providers, assists with end-of-year tax documents, issues payments requested by locals and general committees, handle dues-withholding requests and reconciles bank statements.

Weisbarth, Jeff
Executive Assistant to the President
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3004
(216) 227-5285 direct

Jeff Weisbarth deals extensively with health-care providers, answers officers’ and members’ questions about health-care benefits and works to resolve claim issues between members and the health-care providers. He also assists general chairpersons on matters involving national agreement wage/rule provisions and researching claims and grievances in addition to processing Public Law Board and mediation requests to the National Mediation Board.


Wiens, Tim
Assistant claims adjuster
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3731
(216) 227-5274 direct

Tim Wiens works primarily with premium waiver and cancer insurance claims. He also helps out in the Discipline Income Protection Department. He assists people over the phone with claim questions, as well as assisting his fellow claim adjusters. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the UTU Employee Credit Union as secretary.


Wolf, Dora
New systems support
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3908
(216) 227-5437 direct

Dora Wolf handles billing issues and correspondence, assists the Updating Department, works on E-49 billings and membership transfers, committee-paid insurance issues and Anthem opt-outs. She also provides support to the IT Department on various projects including direct pay issues, payroll, user accounts and expenses. Dora assists local officers in navigating their way around iLINK and answers any questions they may have. She also maintains the UTU Online Directory and mail lists, including officer listings in iLINK.


Woods, Tim
Administrator, Cash Management
(216) 228-9400 ext. 3505
(216) 227-5210 direct

Tim Woods works in the Investment Department. He deals with the banks where the union and insurance association have business; monitors the bank accounts daily, checking all transactions, and performing any necessary transfers. He also does monthly, quarterly and annual statutory reporting on all investments for UTU, UTUIA, and DIPP.



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