April 1, 2015

One-stop web address for rail health care info


Railroad employees and/or their eligible dependents covered under the national railroad medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits plans may now find information about those benefits on a single web page. The Railroad Information Depot webpage address is www.rrinfodepot.com  Note that this web site pertains only to the nationally negotiated railroad health and welfare plans. If you [...]

Open enrollment for RR GA-23111 health plans

Microsoft Word - GA-23111 - 2010 Open Enrollment Announcement 10

During November and December, UnitedHealthcare will hold an open enrollment under railroad plans GA-23111. During this open enrollment period, any individual eligible for coverage under one of the GA-23111 plans may enroll and be accepted for coverage without medical underwriting or requirement of good health. There are no limitations for pre-existing conditions. Enrollment in November [...]

Pay GA-23111 and COBRA electronically

Here’s an opportunity to save a 44-cent stamp and better assure your UnitedHealthcare payments for GA-23111 plans and COBRA coverage arrive on time. It’s called electronic funds transfer, or EFT, and it permits your UnitedHealthcare premiums for GA-23111 plans and COBRA coverage to be automatically deducted from your checking account, even when you are away [...]