August 31, 2016

Rail industry seeks to put the brakes on heavier trucks

The rail industry is seeking to put the brakes on proposal to increase the amount of weight that trucks can carry in a bid to protect cargo business that typically goes to trains.  The inter-industry squabble has been spurred by an effort in Congress to increase a current limit of 80,000 pounds for cargo trucks to […]

Americans do not want bigger trucks on highways

Constituents in Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and eight congressional districts – Pa. Dist. 9, Iowa Dist. 3, Colo. Dist. 4, Kan. Dist. 1, Kan. Dist.  2, Ill. Dist. 13, Ind. Dist. 4 and Mo. Dist. 8 – overwhelmingly disapprove increasing truck weight limits from the current 80,000 pounds to 97,000 pounds. Increasing truck weights range from […]

Highway homicide affects railroads, too

This is about a highway homicide – and we know who dunnit. The perp long ago was identified by state and federal authorities. Yet Congress refuses to order the collar, closing its eyes to a mayhem playing out at every hour, on every federal-aid roadway and adversely affecting every taxpayer and every motorist in the […]

Let’s make effort to move more freight by rail

Last month, President Obama announced an initiative to improve the fuel efficiency of trucks. That’s a lofty goal, but here’s an even better idea: Let’s make an effort to move more freight by rail and less by road. Trains are far more energy-efficient than trucks – and they always will be. Trains have a significant […]

UTU-SMART fights longer, heavier trucks

Click here to see a brochure that was mailed and emailed to all active and retired members in Maine and Wisconsin. Members in those states, as well as anyone concerned with the preservation of good-paying railroad jobs, should contact Representatives Michaud and Ribble and ask that this legislation be tabled.