August 30, 2016

RR trespass law cuts off Wisconsin fishing access

GENOA, Wis. – Charles Burch was heading to his favorite ice fishing spot, a Mississippi River backwater south of Genoa, when he ran into a railroad detective. The 74-year-old angler said the cop asked where he was headed. “Obviously, I’m going fishing,” Burch said, retelling the story. The railroad cop told him if he went across […]

NTSB to hold forum on railroad trespassing

WASHINGTON – The National Transportation Safety Board will hold a public forum March 24-25 on the dangers of trespassing on the railroad right-of-way. While railroad tracks have long held a cultural resonance with Americans, featured in motion pictures, TV shows, music videos and photography, they are private property. And they can be a deadly place. […]

FRA, Maine DOT to test rail trespassing system

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) awarded a research grant for the city of Brunswick, Maine, the Northern New England Passenger Authority (NNEPRA) and the Maine Department of Transportation, among other partners, to participate in a field research program to develop and test new trespass detection and deterrent technologies. The research will consist of designing, operating […]