August 27, 2016

T&E worker numbers still on rise, but slowing

The number of trailers and containers hauled by major U.S. railroads hit its highest peak for 2011 during the week ending June 11, but the increase in train and engine service workers slowed from previous months. Major U.S. railroads originated more than 237,000 trailers and containers for the most recent week reported by the Association […]

T&E numbers up in 2010, but not evenly

All railroads increased the number of train and engine workers in 2010, but at quite different rates, according to data released by the U.S. Surface Transportation Board. Overall, the number of train and engine workers increased in 2010 by 9.21 percent — 62,067 in December 2010 versus 56,833 in December 2009. Here are railroad-by-railroad breakdowns […]

Train & engine worker jobs climb 10%

Almost 10,000 train and engine workers returned to work on Class I railroads through the first 11 months of 2010, with T&E jobs up almost 10 percent compared with November 2009, says the Surface Transportation Board, which tracks the data. The STB says 61,819 train & engine workers are now on the job with Class […]

Rails bringing T&E workers back to jobs

A ray of sunshine for working families is emerging from otherwise bleak economic news: Many Americans are going back to work. The Labor Department reports that 151,000 jobs were added during October, following four successive months of job losses. On the nation’s railroads, thousands of train and engine (T&E) workers are being recalled to work. […]