March 31, 2015

TWIC reforms moving through Congress

A Transportation Security Administration effort to help protect ports against terrorism was creation of a tamper-resistant biometric worker-access pass known as the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) that is issued, in addition to maritime workers, to rail crews entering port facilities. Obtaining a TWIC requires submitting to a FBI background check and completion of a security [...]

RCO limits, enhanced cab security sought

WASHINGTON — Federally mandated improvements to locomotive cab security and comfort, along with enforceable remote control operation (RCO) regulations, are being sought by the UTU and the BLET in joint comments filed with the Federal Railroad Administration. Significantly, the FRA is being asked to ban remote control operation on mainline track. The two organizations responded [...]

Rail Safety Alert No. 6

(The following is a security alert from the UTU’s Rail Safety Task Force.) Rail security remains a constant threat to the nation’s railroads and our members. President Futhey wrote of this concern in a recent leadership message, “We need training to spot trouble.” Based on recent events, the UTU’s Rail Safety Task Force strongly encourages [...]

UTU seeks collaborative safety, security plan

By UTU International President Mike Futhey The recent tragic, senseless and violent murder in New Orleans of CSX conductor Fred Gibbs, and wounding of the train’s engineer (a potential witness whose name is being withheld), accelerates an already urgent need for better workplace safety and security measures for rail, transit and motor coach facilities and [...]