February 11, 2016

Safety Alert: shotgun shell found in locking pin

safety alert

Canadian Pacific Railway recently reported that a shotgun shell was found in the locking pin of the coupler on the Quebec Gatineau Railway (QGRY) in Quebec. “This type of mischief has potentially fatal consequences and serves as a reminder that employees must always be aware of their surroundings, perform thorough equipment inspections and report any [...]

AAR issues safety alert: Razor blade on appliance


The Association of American Railroads issued a a safety alert for all railroads in North America after the recent discovery of a razor blade wedged into a safety appliance handhold on a covered hopper car. The condition was discovered by a shop worker from the Anderson’s Inc. at the car repair shop located in Bay St. Louis, [...]

FRA warns of coveralls safety hazard


The Federal Railroad Administration has called attention to an injury where a conductor, while lifting the operating lever on a freight car, was dragged four car lengths after the lever became tangled in the hammer loop of his coveralls. The FRA recommends cutting off the hammer loop on coveralls or securing the hammer loop to [...]

UTU Rail Safety Alert No. 3

Career-ending personal injuries and fatalities have continued to increase in the rail industry. To educate members on the circumstances of these incidents, and in attempts to avoid them in the future, the UTU Rail Safety Task Force, appointed by International President Mike Futhey, urges that each of you continue to look out for each other [...]

UTU Rail Safety Alert No. 2

This is the second in a series of safety alerts issued by the UTU Rail Safety Task Force. The task force was appointed by International President Mike Futhey in response to a spike in railroad on-duty employee fatalities. This safety alert focuses on the job of protecting the point while riding rail cars. In such [...]

UTU Rail Safety Alert No. 1 (revised)

UTU Rail Safety Alert No. 1 (revised) (Following is the first safety alert, revised June 22, issued by the UTU’s recently appointed Rail Safety Task Force. UTU International President Mike Futhey appointed the task force in response to a sharp spike in railroad on-duty employee fatalities. The UTU and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and [...]