August 30, 2016

Natural gas could come to Fairbanks via railroad

The Alaska Railroad is applying to become the nation’s first railroad system to ship natural gas by rail, a move that comes as the state looks for cheap ways to deliver the product to Fairbanks. Alaska Railroad Corp. CEO Bill O’Leary told the Senate Finance Committee on Feb. 2 that the public corporation will apply […]

Natural gas locomotives to be common by 2016

In 2011, U.S. railroad companies consumed a little over 3 billion gallons of diesel, nearly 5.5 percent of the total consumption for the entire country. Oil is currently much more expensive than natural gas, which thanks to the shale boom, is at record low prices in the U.S. Switching engines to run on LNG instead […]

Oil, natural gas drilling benefits rail workers

A lot is being written about reducing America’s dependence on foreign energy; and increased domestic exploration of crude oil and natural gas is paying meaningful dividends to railroads – and, by extension, to their workers, whose jobs, wages and benefits are being made more secure. In North Dakota, where the Bakken Shale reserve is being drilled, […]