August 25, 2016

Has Amtrak’s NEC plan slowed to 160 mph?

Has Amtrak abandoned its vision of 220-mile-per-hour bullet trains speeding up and down the Northeast Corridor? The railroad recently issued draft specifications for new trains to replace its existing Acelas that call for 160 m.p.h. trains, not the 220 mph versions Amtrak said in January that it was seeking. Read the complete story at The […]

Szabo: Our vision for high speed rail in America

The following message was sent to the UTU National Legislative Office from Federal Railroad Administrator Joe Szabo: Whenever one is discussing an ambitious, long-term program, like our high speed and intercity passenger rail program, it is helpful to remind ourselves – and others – about the original vision we committed to in 2009. Since the […]

NARP rebuts CNN high speed rail report

The following rebuttal from the National Association of Railroad Passengers is in response to a CNN report by Anderson Cooper critical of Amtrak and high speed rail funding: “So is Anderson Cooper still a real journalist? He headlines a daily talk show, and was swimming with crocodiles on last Sunday’s 60 Minutes. Perhaps Cooper has […]

Amtrak big winner in latest rail-grant release

WASHINGTON — Amtrak’s vision for high-speed rail along the Northeast Corridor gained a significant boost May 9 when the Federal Railroad Administration redistributed to Amtrak $795 million of some $2 billion in high-speed rail grants previously rejected by Florida. Portions of that grant money also were distributed to 15 states that have plans for high-speed […]