August 24, 2016

Changes made to SMART Discipline Income plan

As a result of the continued increase in claims volume and associated costs, the Discipline Income Protection Program is increasing its monthly assessments from 71 cents to 81 cents per $1 of daily benefits effective January 1, 2016. You may elect to reduce your benefit level or cancel your coverage at any time by submitting […]

Changes made to SMART Discipline Income plan

SMART Discipline Income Protection Program has not increased its monthly assessment rates in six years. During that period, the amount that the DIPP plan disbursed in benefits has greatly exceeded the amount that it collected in premiums. Since DIPP cannot continue to operate effectively at a deficit, the program’s trustees have increased the monthly assessment by […]

Changes to Discipline/Income Protection Program

Effective April 2, 2013, item 12 has been added to the list of exclusions for which benefits under the Discipline/Income Protection Program will not be paid to a participant who is suspended or discharged from employment for disciplinary/decertification reason. Item 12 has been added to the list as a result of action taken by SMART […]

Every tool in use to protect members’ jobs, safety

Delivering on the theme of the 2012 regional meetings – “We will not back down” – UTU International President Mike Futhey told more than 1,000 attendees at the Memphis meeting how the UTU is using every tool available – negotiations, legislative and legal — to defend its members’ jobs and workplace safety. * On the […]

Temporary change in UTU DIPP fax number

The published fax number for the UTU’s Discipline Income Protection Program (DIPP), (216) 227-5209, is not working. Until the technical issues are resolved, those needing to contact the DIPP by fax should use this number: (216) 916-4845. Watch for notice that the former fax line has been restored. DIPP Administrator Angie Martinez can be […]

False rumors by competitors target UTUIA, DIPP

As the perfectly healthy man told the obituary editor of his local newspaper, “Reports of my demise are grossly exaggerated.” And so it is with the UTU Insurance Association (UTUIA) and the UTU’s Discipline Income Protection Plan (DIPP). Vicious and absolutely false rumors are circulating that the UTU and UTUIA are going out of business, […]

UTU DIPP: Above all, ‘peace of mind’

By General Secretary & Treasurer Kim Thompson We are all familiar with employers imposing unwarranted discipline and even dismissal on employees. A member survey by the UTU’s Rail Safety Task Force revealed that more than 50 percent of train, engine and yard workers cite supervisor harassment and excessive operational testing as distracting them from situational […]

Spending your dues money wisely

By Kim ThompsonUTU General Secretary & Treasurer Nobody spends someone else’s dollars as carefully as we spend our own. The UTU International leadership is especially sensitive to the fact that members entrust us with their own hard-earned dollars, and every member rightfully expects their union to gain the most value for their dues money. We […]

Leadership reports on UTU finances

Brothers and Sisters: As we approach the six-month point of our administration, we are pleased to report that UTU finances have been improving steadily. When we took office Jan. 1, there were forebodings of financial disaster just around the corner. For sure, there were financial difficulties, but nothing of the nature that, as we had […]