April 17, 2014

MTA: Plan targets LIRR pension abuse

The MTA wants Long Island Rail Road workers to give up a piece of their LIRR pensions if they are also collecting federal occupational disability benefits – a plan that union leaders say would unfairly punish the legitimately injured. Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials say the proposal – among the concessions sought in the agency’s contract [...]

Vice President Kerley retires, Ferguson elevated

Kerley, Robert.2011

Robert D. Kerley, the senior vice president of the Transportation Division of the International Association of Sheet Metal Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, has retired, effective Feb. 28. The vice president vacancy in the Transportation Division will be filled by the elevation of Alternate Vice President Jeremy Ferguson by action of the Transportation Division’s board [...]

N.Y. reps. urge settlement of LIRR dispute


Twelve members of the U.S. House of Representatives have co-signed a letter to the chairman of New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority urging the MTA to reach a settlement with union employees of the Long Island Rail Road and avert a possible strike by those employees this spring. The letter to MTA Chairperson and Chief [...]

SMART GO 505 prepares to strike LIRR


Following the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Jan. 15 announcement that it is rejecting a proposed series of wage increases for unionized employees on the Long Island Rail Road, SMART Transportation Division General Committee of Adjustment GO 505 has signaled that its members are prepared to strike as early as March 21. The wage increases [...]

MTA rejects PEB’s proposed raises for LIRR workers

The Long Island Railroad rolled closer to a possible summer strike Jan. 15 when transit executives rejected a proposed series of raises for workers. MTA Labor Relations Director Anita Miller notified the National Mediation Board that the authority would not enact a contract settlement for the commuter railroad that was crafted by an independent panel. [...]

GO 505 delivers gift for autism services


Officers and members of SMART Transportation Division General Committee of Adjustment GO 505 on the Long Island Rail Road Dec. 18 delivered a $5,000 check to support a program for autistic children in the Town of Islip, N.Y. The donation adds to the committee’s yearly commitment to autism services in the local community, which it [...]

PEB 244 issues recommendations in LIRR dispute


Presidential Emergency Board 244 issued its recommendations Dec. 21 for settling a dispute between the Long Island Rail Road and its unionized employees represented by the SMART Transportation Division and several other labor unions. The board’s recommendations are non-binding and the parties now have 120 days to reach agreement based on the recommendations. The three [...]

Presidential Emergency Board 244 proceedings begin

Simon, Anthony.web

Following years of failed negotiations with the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Long Island Rail Road, the official proceedings of Presidential Emergency Board 244 (PEB 244) began Dec. 2, 2013, at the New York Hilton in New York City. MTA had been seeking three years of “net zero” wage increases and major concessions from labor [...]

SMART rejects arbitration offer on LIRR

The International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers Oct. 21 rejected a proffer of arbitration from the National Mediation Board to SMART Transportation Division’s General Committee of Adjustment GO 505, which represents a variety of crafts on the Long Island Rail Road in New York. “After three years of difficult negotiations, the [...]

LIRR’s Anthony Simon elected Dist. 1 chairperson

Simon, Anthony.web

Anthony Simon, general chairperson on Long Island Rail Road, has been elected to a four-year term as chairperson of District 1 of the UTU’s Association of General Chairpersons. District 1 is made up of some 190 railroad general chairpersons. Its purpose is to formulate concerted movements relating to wages, rules and working conditions of transportation service employees [...]