August 24, 2016

Long-term disability program forthcoming

The trustees of the SMART Voluntary Short-Term Disability program are pleased to announce that they have reached a tentative agreement with Anthem Life Insurance Co. on a group long-term disability plan for our bus and rail members. The plan is intended to provide a seamless transition to long-term coverage for members when disability exceeds the […]

Town Hall meeting scheduled on Anthem cyber attack

Last week, Anthem informed us that their company was the target of a sophisticated cyber attack. This resulted in unauthorized access to its members’ personal information. The investigation into the security breach is ongoing. We know many of you want information and have questions about this attack. To review what Anthem knows and share with […]

Anthem issues update on client data breach

Anthem President and CEO Joseph R. Swedish has issued the following statement regarding the data breach of the company’s information systems last week: Last week, we made you aware that Anthem was the target of a very sophisticated external, cyber-attack. Since that time, we have been working around the clock continuing our assistance in the […]

A message regarding cyber attack impacting Anthem

As you may have heard, Anthem, Inc., the parent company of SMART’s voluntary short-term disability insurance provider Anthem Life Insurance Co., was the victim of a cyber-attack. Anthem has informed us that its member data was accessed, and that such access could possibly have included VSTD member data as well. We are working with Anthem […]

Anthem says cyberattack stole data of millions

Anthem, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, said Feb. 4 that the personal information of tens of millions of its customers and employees, including its chief executive, was the subject of a “very sophisticated external cyberattack.” The company, which is continuing its investigation into the exact scope of the attack, said hackers were able […]

Receiving disability payments?

Members who received disability-claim payments from Anthem or Lincoln in 2010 will be receiving IRS W-2 forms from those insurers. This does not mean that the benefits are taxable. It is merely a reporting requirement of the IRS. The payments will be listed in Box 12 with a “J” and the amount received. This notifies […]