April 21, 2014

Amtrak sets ridership record for FY 2013

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WASHINGTON – Amtrak carried a record 31.6 million passengers in fiscal year 2013, delivering nationwide benefits, providing vital transportation services, advancing America’s economy and demonstrating the value and convenience of the national passenger rail network. It is the tenth ridership record in 11 years. “Amtrak moves people, the economy and the nation forward everywhere the [...]

Party labels aside, Americans want to ride Amtrak

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WASHINGTON – New polling shows that Americans across the ideological spectrum support more public funding of Amtrak passenger rail service. “We polled people who mostly do not live in large passenger rail regions and yet they overwhelmingly said they want the same level of or more federal funding for Amtrak,” said John Previsich, president of [...]

Poll shows conservative support for Amtrak


Armed with polling data obtained by SMART Transportation Division political consultant Dean Mitchell of DFM Research, Colorado State Legislative Director Carl Smith and Assistant Legislative Director Charlie Skidmore Sept. 14 presented community leaders from Colorado, Kansas and New Mexico, convened in Pueblo, with data showing large support for funding of Amtrak’s Southwest Chief service. “With the knowledge that [...]

Amtrak funds at risk in extended shutdown

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Amtrak, the U.S. intercity passenger railroad, may have trouble staying on track, literally, if a U.S. government shutdown is prolonged for a month or more. The Washington-based railroad, which has never made money, gets 12 percent of its operating budget and most capital and debt-service funding from U.S. appropriations funneled through the Transportation Department. Some [...]

Amtrak commits to end food, beverage losses

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WASHINGTON – Amtrak is moving forward with a plan to eliminate its food and beverage losses over five years. It builds on successful initiatives implemented since fiscal year 2006 that have increased the cost recovery rate from 49 percent to 65 percent. “We have made steady and consistent progress, but it is time we commit [...]

Amtrak in New York state to stay open

ALBANY, N.Y. — Amtrak and the state Department of Transportation have reached an agreement on a method for sharing costs on most trains in the Empire State, avoiding a shutdown of service that could have taken place as early as Oct. 17. The agreement, required by the federal Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of 2008, basically requires states [...]

Members rally in support of Indiana Amtrak lines

INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. (WLFI) – In less than three weeks, Amtrak’s Hoosier State Line will stop operating. That is unless Indiana spends millions of dollars to keep it from getting derailed. Dozens of supporters of the Hoosier State Line gathered Thursday afternoon at the Indiana Statehouse. Members of the United Transportation Union were on hand at [...]

Opinion: Imagine a multimodal Northeast Corridor

Creative vision in Washington, D.C., is not quite an oxymoron, but seemingly only extraordinary external events cause it to materialize. Perhaps there was prediction of a month of Sundays when Congress authorized land grants for a transcontinental railroad; expectation of hell freezing over when lawmakers approved construction of the Interstate Highway System; and sightings of [...]

Top 10 busiest Amtrak routes

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Rail use in America continues to climb ever higher. In July, Amtrak posted its busiest ridership month ever. But what are the busiest individual routes? Let’s take a look. Here are the 10 highest ridership Amtrak routes, as of July, 2013. Read the complete story at greatergreaterwashington.org.

Va. agrees to pay more for Amtrak’s rail service

Responding to a federal mandate and acting on transportation legislation passed this year by the General Assembly, Gov. Bob McDonnell announced Tuesday that Virginia will assume more financial responsibility for Amtrak regional service in the state. The agreement had to be in place by Oct. 1 or the regional rail service would have ceased in [...]