August 29, 2016

UTU Human Rights Committee

The UTU established the position of human rights coordinator in February 2000 as part of a broad-based effort to educate UTU members and employers and to promote awareness of the advantages of diversity in the UTU and in society.

A team of UTU members and UTU International employees was chosen to make up the UTU’s Human Rights Committee to ensure that every voice within the organization is heard and respected.

The UTU shares with the late Dr. Martin Luther King the dream that men and women should be judged not by the color of their skin, their nationality or religious beliefs, but by the content of their hearts.

Diversity is our strength

The UTU is committed to diversity. At all levels of our organization, we work to ensure equality in the workplace. A handbook for the committee, “Diversity and Human Rights,” can be viewed by clicking here.


William R. Smith, Robert Resendez Jr., Barbara Bankston, Billy Moye, Jesse Turner, John Lesniewski, David A. Stinsman, Samantha D. Taylor, Glen E. Johnson, John Previsich.