August 27, 2016

Furloughed members: FAQs about medical benefits

Members who have been furloughed should be aware that their health care coverage benefits from their employer extends through the end of the fourth month after being furloughed. Below are Frequently Asked Questions that may be useful to our furloughed members. Q: How long does my insurance coverage last if I am furloughed? A: Employee and […]

Ask your lawmakers’ support for two-person crews

Members of the SMART Transportation Division and all of rail labor have the opportunity to make it federal law to have two qualified persons working on all freight trains operating in the United States a reality. Now is the time to contact your legislators in the House of Representatives and ask them to co-sponsor and […]

UTUIA now accepting scholarship applications

The UTUIA is now accepting scholarship applications for the UTU/UTUIA Scholarship Program. Information regarding the scholarship and the application process is below. The application form printed in the January edition of the UTU News is the official scholarship application form and is the only one that will be accepted. If you need an application form, […]

Alumni Association: The best $9 investment out there

By Carl CochranUTU Alumni Association Coordinator So you’ve invested 40 years of your life working on the railroad or with a bus or transit agency. You paid your dues – figuratively and literally – to your employer and to your union. Maybe you were an officer in your local, or just involved. Maybe you even […]

Preserving Medicare: We have a role to play

Would you accept a job paying $1 million to count out $2 billion in $1 bills? Think again, because working a 40-hour week and counting out $1 per second, you would require 266 years to count out the $2 billion total. Now that you have an idea how much $2 billion is, consider that in […]