October 9, 2015

Deal reached on same-sex couple dependent benefits


Rail labor organizations and rail management through the National Carriers Conference Committee have reached an accord to extend medical, dental and vision benefits to same-sex couple spouses, effective Jan. 1, 2014. The plans affected are the National Railway Carriers/UTU Health and Welfare Plan, the Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan, the Early Retirement Health [...]

Early rail retiree insurance cap rises in 2014


UTU members and their dependents insured under the Railroad Employees National Early Retirement Major Medical Benefit (ERMA) Plan (GA-46000) will have their lifetime maximum amount of coverage increased, effective Jan. 1. ERMA is a comprehensive benefits plan for employees who retire at or after age 60 with 30 years of service. The plan covers qualified [...]

Flu season is here, shots covered by RR Medicare

It’s that time again. Flu season is upon us and the flu shot is available to be taken now. There are between 135 and 139 million vaccinations available this year. Medicare Part B (including Railroad Medicare) normally pays for one flu shot per flu season. There are two ways to take the vaccine – by [...]

Short-term disability insurance for rail members

The SMART Transportation Division has renewed its contract, effective July 1, 2013, with Anthem Life Insurance Co. to provide a group voluntary short-term disability plan for all rail members. Coverage will continue to be automatic unless members choose to waive coverage or “opt-out.” The Anthem rail disability insurance plan provides a basic “safety net” of [...]

Are you eligible for death, dismemberment insurance?


Active and retired railroad employees covered under The Railroad Employees’ National Health and Welfare Plan or The NRC/UTU Health and Welfare Plan may be eligible for life and accidental death and Dismemberment benefits from MetLife. For eligible active employees, the death benefit is in most cases $20,000, and there may be an additional AD&D benefit [...]

Express Scripts/Medco’s packaging may change


Members who receive prescription medications through Express Scripts/Medco’s home-delivery pharmacy service may notice a change to their prescription bottle and its packaging beginning May 1. For those who are unaware, the companies merged last year. Members may notice different colors of prescription bottles – Express Scripts prescription bottles are orange and Medco bottles are white. [...]

Diet, weight control, exercise are keys to healthy living


By Dr. Norman K. BrownUTU Medical Consultant We have known for a long time that inadequate oxygen from poor heart or lung function, or poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide carried from breathing into our lungs, can injure our brains. Recent studies of women exposed to second hand smoke showed statistical increases in dementia over [...]

A guide to RR Medicare’s voice-responsive phone line

You need to know more about your Railroad Medicare benefits or specific claims.  Sometimes you’d like to find the information on your own, and other times, you want to speak with a Customer Service Representative (CSR).  Railroad Medicare, administered by Palmetto GBA, gives you the best of both of worlds.  Just call Palmetto’s IVR at [...]

“Nurse line” offers answers to medical questions


Members covered by Aetna, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield or UnitedHealthcare seeking information about treatment options, chronic conditions or answers to other health-related questions can call a “nurse line” for answers 24 hours a day, every day. This free service can help you with losing weight, managing stress, quitting tobacco and much more. More importantly, [...]