August 30, 2015

Our regional meeting workshops were a success

Morr, Bonnie.2011

By Bonnie Morr, Vice President, Bus –  I was recently informed of the passing of one of our best bus vice presidents. Kenny Moore was the vice president that helped us at Local 23 to become part of this great organization. Kenny Moore was my mentor. He was active in Washington, D.C., and on the [...]

Morr: The union voice allows us to be heard

Morr, Bonnie.2011

As I work with our members from around the country I hear about struggles that we are facing. Whether it is discipline where our members may be losing their jobs, or a legislative issue that will impact our work, the union voice is there.  All of us deal with negotiations. Some negotiations are for our labor agreements, some [...]

Bus companies target sleep apnea

Calvin Studivant

By Calvin Studivant, Alternate Vice President, Bus –   Sleep apnea is a serious ailment and certainly one that should not go untreated. But it also should not be used to discriminate against our members, which it appears some carriers are doing. There are reports from some of our locals that their carriers are more likely [...]

Healthy drivers are happy drivers

Morr, Bonnie.2011

By Bonnie Morr, Vice President, Bus Department –  As the year kicks off, I must ask you: “How are you doing?” “I am healthy and happy” is the answer I’d love to hear, but, sadly, it’s the answer I hear less and less. Consider our work schedules, and the nature of our jobs: We sit all [...]

Transit friend to head Senate Budget Committee

Morr, Bonnie.2011

By Bonnie MorrVice President, Bus Department –  Sen. Patty Murray, a Democrat from Washington State, is the new chairperson of the Senate Budget Committee, which makes decisions on how much of the annual federal budget is available for transit. As chairperson, Sen. Murray will set the agenda and tone of Senate Budget Committee hearings and [...]

Transit jobs, retirement at stake Election Day

Morr, Bonnie.2011

Conservative Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are committed to repealing the Affordable Care Act. Conservative Republicans also are committed to privatizing Social Security and turning Medicare into a voucher program with more costs coming out of retirees’ pockets. By contrast, President Obama is committed to preserving Social Security and Medicare as we know it. [...]

Regional meeting workshops improved skills

Bonnie Morr; Bus

By Bonnie MorrVice President – Bus Department The UTU regional  meetings in Portland, Ore., and Memphis, Tenn., provided hands-on workshops – led by experts from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) — designed to improve skills of members and officers in pursing grievances where members’ rights have [...]

Rails created early bus lines

Calvin Studivant

By Calvin Studivant, Alternate Vice President, Bus Department –  The relationship between railroads and bus companies has a long history not known by many UTU members. Beginning in the early part of the 20th century, railroads began acquiring or creating infant bus lines to extend their passenger networks to where rails didn’t reach. In 1926, Great [...]

Bus locals respond to survey

Morr, Bonnie.2011

By Bonnie MorrVice President, Bus Department Many of our bus locals have responded to a survey focusing on the health conditions of bus operators. This is a very important step in identifying some of the health issues that we face while on the job. The Transit Bus Operator Workplace Health and Wellness Survey, sponsored by [...]

What are these conservative lawmakers thinking?

Calvin Studivant

By Calvin StudivantAlternate Vice President, Bus Department When reading about the conservatives’ attack on mass transit in the House of Representatives, all I can ask is, “What are they thinking?” With gas prices rising to record levels, even low-wage workers who own an automobile can’t afford to drive to work; and for the millions of [...]