April 23, 2014

L.A. Metro proposes fare increases to address deficit

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced last week that it was considering a number of fare-restructuring options that would increase fares, change its current transfer policy and help the bus and rail operator address its mounting operating deficits. Currently, all Metro rides are $1.50 per one-way ticket, a fee that officials say only [...]

Stem: FMCSA denies bus company’s CDL exemption


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has denied an application by motorcoach tours company Miami Nice Tours to operate bus tours in the United States by drivers who would be exempt from the commercial driver’s license (CDL) provisions of part 383 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Adminstration regulations. The SMART Transportation Division’s Legislative office in September offered [...]

Addition of new members brings additional responsibility

Calvin Studivant

I hope this edition of the SMART Transportation Division News finds that all our members enjoyed a safe and happy holiday season. The SMART TD has been successful in recent organizing campaigns, adding new members to our union in general, and the bus department in particular. With the addition of new members comes the task [...]

In remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King

The UTU shares with the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the dream that men and women should be judged not by the color of their skin, their nationality or religious beliefs, but by the content of their hearts. Below is the text of Dr. King’s speech, delivered on Aug. 28, 1963, from the steps [...]

Supreme Court case has big implications for NLRB

NLRB Logo; National Labor Relations Board

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday heard oral arguments in a case that could invalidate hundreds of National Labor Relations Board rulings and set the agency back more than a year in its workload if it loses. The dispute could also determine when presidents can use so-called “recess appointments” to fill key positions that generally [...]

TTD addresses FTA regarding MAP 21 requirements


With the support of the SMART Transportation Division, AFL-CIO Transportation Trades Department President Edward Wytkind has written a letter to Administrator Peter Rogoff of the Federal Transit Administration. The letter, on behalf of the 32 member union’s that make up the TTD, offers support of the agency’s efforts to regulate the safety of public transportation [...]

House committee hears from transportation advocates

U.S. governors and mayors are pushing Congress to quickly reauthorize long-term legislation to fund transportation projects across the country, fearing that any lapse in funding could disrupt existing projects and hurt local economies. Testifying at a Tuesday hearing before the House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, representatives of states, cities and the transportation [...]

SMART presents its first constitution and ritual


We are pleased, as your general president and transportation division president, to present the first SMART Constitution and ritual to our membership. This is a milestone for both the former Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association and the United Transportation Union, that have merged to become the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation [...]

FMCSA extends medical cert requirement for bus ops

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) Jan. 10 announced that it is extending by one year, until Jan. 30, 2015, a requirement that interstate commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders retain paper copies of their medical examiner’s certificate and continue to make the document available for review upon request at the roadside by federal and state [...]

LaHood to co-chair Building America’s Future

Ray LaHood

Two former leading U.S. transportation officials who left the Obama administration in recent months were named on Wednesday to new private-sector posts. Ray LaHood, the former U.S. Secretary of Transportation, will join a Washington, D.C-based advocacy group, where he will push for Congress to fund improvements in the nation’s roads, bridges, airports, rails and ports. [...]