April 21, 2014

Great Lakes flight attendants ratify pact

Great Lakes Airlines flight attendants represented by UTU Local 40 have unanimously ratified a four-year agreement. The UTU represents some 300 flight attendants and pilots on this regional airline based in Cheyenne, Wyo., and with hubs in Albuquerque, N.M.; Billings, Mont.; Denver; Kansas City; Los Angeles; Milwaukee; and Phoenix. The ratified flight attendants’ contract provides [...]

Our fight for right has just begun

Mike Futhey; Futhey, Mike

By International President Mike Futhey I was asked if our Collective Bargaining Defense Fund, the UTU PAC and our recently inaugurated direct-contact-with-members outreach can stop the assault on labor by conservative extremists. In union there is strength, and when members of all labor unions engage in political solidarity, the result is millions of union members [...]

FAA to overhaul pilot, flight attendant training

WASHINGTON — An extensive overhaul of air-carrier crew training has been proposed by the Federal Aviation Administration. “This is a major effort to strengthen the performance of pilots, flight attendants and dispatchers through better training,” said FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt. The proposed new training standards and procedures will be formalized in a final rule following [...]

Union Plus offers disaster relief grants

Union members living in areas impacted by the recent tornadoes and flooding, and who participate in Union Plus programs, may be eligible for financial assistance. Union Plus disaster relief grants of $500 are available to help participants in the Union Plus credit card, insurance or mortgage programs who are facing financial hardship due to the [...]

Unions under attack; we must respond

Arty Martin; Martin, Arty; Assistant President

By Assistant President Arty Martin While we go about our daily lives, political extremists are gaining strength and working non-stop to undermine and eliminate much of what we cherish on the job and look forward to in retirement. It’s not just Wisconsin and Ohio where right-wing majorities voted to eliminate public-employee collective bargaining rights. In [...]

Ready to help those ravaged by weather

Recent tornados in southern states — from Mississippi to Virginia that killed more than 340 and injured thousands more — plus severe flooding in other parts of the country have likely affected UTU-member families living in those areas. While identification of the destruction and hardship is still in the early stages of assessment, it is [...]

We no longer offer UTU credit cards

Due to changes in the financial services markets, the UTU is no longer able to offer a UTU-branded credit card. Over the years, these UTU-branded cards generated much-needed funding for the union’s education and training fund. Servicing of former UTU credit card accounts will now be handled by PNC. Previously, accounts were serviced by National [...]

Help available for alcohol, drug abuse

We know all too well that alcohol consumption and drug use can imperil our jobs. But how about off the job; and how about family members? The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports more than 600,000 emergency room visits annually due to alcohol or drug problems; and that count represents but one-third of [...]

UTU, SMWIA arbitration set for June

Arbitrator Michael H. Gottesman will hear presentations by the UTU and the Sheet Metal Workers International Association during five days of arbitration in June to determine whether the merger agreement between the UTU and the SMIWA is an enforceable agreement. Gottesman, a law professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., was named to arbitrate the [...]

Oklahoma launches latest anti-union assault

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma legislature, following in the footsteps of Ohio and Wisconsin, has repealed a 2004 state law granting collective bargaining rights to non-uniformed public employees in cities with populations greater than 35,000. Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin is expected to sign the bill into law. Cities may still choose, on their own, to [...]