August 24, 2016

National Rail Contract: Health care myths

The International has received questions regarding the health care provisions contained in the National Rail Contract. The health care insurance plan provided by the National Rail Contract already provides one of the best benefits packages available – and the new contract provides enhancements in addition to the deductible and co-insurance changes. Some members have focused on […]

National Rail Contract: Facts to consider

Here are facts to consider when voting on the National Rail Contract: * The UTU negotiated a 17 percent general wage increase – 18.24 percent compounded — or more than 3 percent annually. * Compare this more than 3 percent annual wage increase (with no work rules givebacks) with the average wage hikes in other collectively […]

Negotiators speak out on national rail contract

Former International President Tom DuBose(1991-1995) Having served as a member and as chairperson of UTU national negotiating committees, and as a UTU International officer for 28 years, I found that the failure to reach an agreement on the national level carries the risk of having third party recommendations placed in effect by Congress. In my […]

National rail contract delivers ‘more, now’

AFL founder Samuel Gompers said the objective of labor is, “more, now.” Our national rail agreement fulfills that objective. In an economic environment that has our brothers and sisters in other industries in a vice grip of difficult times, our agreement delivers more than just a 17 percent wage increase, a 6½-year cap on health […]

Tentative national agreement slide show

Members of the UTU National Rail Contract Negotiating Committee, assisted by International officers and general chairpersons, are barnstorming the nation, holding face-to-face meetings with members to explain the tentative agreement and respond to questions. The meetings began last week and continue through early August — prior to voting packages being mailed to some 38,000 members […]

Record pay boost in UTU tentative rail pact

A 17 percent pay increase, retention of the $200 monthly cap on health care cost-sharing, FRA certification pay, a faster process for new hires to reach full pay rates, and no rollback of the January 2011 cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) highlight the new five-year national rail agreement negotiated between the UTU and the National Carriers’ Conference […]

UTU, rails in tentative new five-year agreement

A tentative new five-year national rail agreement covering wages, benefits and working conditions has been reached between the UTU and the National Carriers’ Conference Committee (NCCC). The tentative agreement is retroactive to Jan. 1, 2010, and extends through Dec. 31, 2014. The tentative agreement, which amends the existing national agreement, must be ratified by each […]

NMB officials join national labor talks

In an effort to facilitate a new national rail agreement between the UTU and most of the nation’s railroads, two members of the National Mediation Board attended the ninth negotiating session between the UTU and the National Carriers’ Conference Committee (NCCC) in late March. NMB members Linda Puchala, a Democrat, and Elizabeth Dougherty, a Republican, […]

Mid-January national negotiations update

Following an eighth negotiating session in mid-January with the National Carriers’ Conference Committee (NCCC), UTU International President Mike Futhey said, “We continue to make progress through interest-based bargaining toward developing a common framework recognizing the needs of both sides, and we are prepared to reach a voluntary agreement with the carriers.” The NCCC represents BNSF, […]

National rail talks: November update

The UTU’s negotiating committee and railroads party to the national rail agreement — affecting some 40,000 UTU members — have met seven times since the contract came open for amendment Jan. 1. “Nothing has been agreed to, but progress is being made on wages, benefits and working conditions,” said UTU International President Mike Futhey. “It […]