August 24, 2016

Diet, weight control, exercise are keys to healthy living

By Dr. Norman K. BrownUTU Medical Consultant We have known for a long time that inadequate oxygen from poor heart or lung function, or poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide carried from breathing into our lungs, can injure our brains. Recent studies of women exposed to second hand smoke showed statistical increases in dementia over […]

Eye exams can detect vision-robbing glaucoma

For transportation workers, our eyes are among the most important tools of our trade. Lose your eyesight and you lose your livelihood. That’s why every transportation worker should be aware that an eye disease called glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness, affecting more than three million Americans. Glaucoma often is called a “sneak […]

‘Tis the season for sweets — and restraint

By Dr. Norman K. BrownUTU Medical Consultant When I want to get started on a job that I have been putting off, I eat a few chocolate chip cookies (think sugar), and my enthusiasm picks right up and I am on my way.   Unfortunately, there is a downside to our easy access to energy-packed food […]

Diseases run in families; learn from your parents

By Dr. Norman K. Brown UTU medical consultant UTU members and their families have access to excellent wellness programs through health- insurance providers that help control and eliminate many bad habits such as poor nutrition, smoking and lack of exercise. But there are certain health-related matters we cannot control because they are part of our […]

Wellness programs promote healthier lives

By Steven Burdick, senior vice president, UnitedHealthcare Committing to a healthier lifestyle is something that all of us struggle with everyday. We all think about it, but it’s doing something about it that’s the challenge most of us face. The goal of UnitedHealthcare wellness programs is to provide support to railroad employees and their dependants […]

Quit smoking, lose weight, feel better

By Dr. Norman K. Brown UTU medical consultant Hold the ketchup. Did you know that ketchup contains fructose, a processed sugar? I’ll get back to this shortly. Many of our common diseases are aggravated by — or even caused by — the way we live, especially how we eat, how much we exercise, and if […]

Narcotics & sedatives: Take with caution

By Norman K. BrownUTU medical consultant There is an old saying among physicians that patients will lie more often about their drug usage and their sex lives than about any other topics. So, please, just give me the facts. What drugs was Michael Jackson taking when he died? Who prescribed them? Why did he have […]


By Dr. Norman K. Brown UTU Medical Consultant What is influenza anyway? Centuries ago, just as today, people developed respiratory infections after getting chilled. In the Italian culture, such infections were thought to be caused by “influenza di freddo,” or influence of cold. A wide variety of viruses, bacteria and funguses lead to colds, bad […]

Too much of anything is never good

By Dr. Norman BrownUTU Medical Consultant I occasionally try to get a patient to “lighten up” about some aspect of his or her health by explaining, with a smile, that I spend half of my time encouraging patients to do something, and the other half of my time encouraging them not to do something else. […]

MRSA can kill you

By Norman K. Brown, M.D.,UTU medical consultant Please wash your hands. Micro-organisms – bacteria, viruses, yeasts – are all around us. Bacteria live especially closely with us, most often in a friendly manner, in the nose, mouth, lower intestine, genitals, on the skin, and in many healthy foods, such as yogurt. We, in fact, need […]