April 19, 2014

Auxiliary of the United Transportation Union Scholarship Fund Winners 2012/2013

The members of the Auxiliary of the UTU Scholarship Fund Board met April in North Olmsted, Ohio. Auxiliary members submitted 62 scholarship applications for the 2012-2013 school year. The Board is required by the Internal Revenue Service to “spend” at least five percent of our average annual net worth on the charitable purpose (namely scholarships) annually. The board must award at least eight (8) Auxiliary scholarships in order to meet our IRS obligations. The board was able to award fifteen (15) Auxiliary scholarships for 2012-2013. The scholarships were awarded through a random drawing by UTU Legal Counsel Kevin Brodar in the presence of the board members. The following are the winners of the 2012-2013 Auxiliary scholarships. Winners are listed in the order the application was drawn. Congratulations to the scholarship winners! Additionally, there are 34 possible renewal scholarships for the 2012-2013 fall term. The Auxiliary of the UTU is proud to be able to help in the education of our Auxiliary family members.

2012-2013 Auxiliary of the UTU Scholarship Winners:

Sean Sporie
Grandchild of Joan Johnson, Lodge 28, St. Louis, MO

James Adams
Grandchild of Nell Adams, Lodge 318, Birmingham, AL

Kevin Pindoley
Grandchild of Anna Mae Whaley, Lodge 565, Toledo, OH

Jason Blair
Grandchild of Anna Mae Whaley, Lodge 565, Toledo, OH

Katie Hall
Child of Wendy Hall, Lodge 318, Birmingham, AL

Sean Hendron
Grandchild of Betty Simmons, Lodge 932, Belleville, IL

Reece James Elliott
Grandchild of Shirley Nolte, Lodge 28, St. Louis, MO

Austin Anderson
Stepgrandchild of Mary Puhr, Lodge 70, Kansas City, MO

Jared Calbert
Grandchild of Judith Calbert, Lodge 391, Emporia, KS

Brittany Jordan
Grandchild of Wilma Kappel, Lodge 933, Jefferson City, MO

Harper Anderson
Child of Mary Anderson, Lodge 456, Lincoln, NE

Kelsey Kenson
Grandchild of Carole Kenson, Lodge 700, Peeples Valley, AZ

Stephanie Mullen
Grandchild of Betty Werckmann, Lodge 28, St. Louis, MO

Allison McElhany
Grandchild of Shirley Nolte, Lodge 28, St. Louis, MO

Nicole Gomez
Grandchild of Louise Shultz, Lodge 353, Ft. Madison, IA