August 24, 2016

UTU’s Yardmaster Department

The Railroad Yardmasters of America organized on Dec. 2, 1918, in response to managerial abuses, and affiliated with UTU in 1985.

The UTU Yardmasters Department represents members in 13 yardmaster locals working under forty-three (43) contracts covering employees working on Class I, Class II and Class III railroads, as well as terminal companies, commuter lines and Amtrak. On some smaller shortline railroads, the UTU Yardmaster Department often represents clerical employees in addition to yardmasters.

A yardmaster’s duties include general supervision of all employees in yard service at their terminal locations, and responsibility for expediting the safe and on-time movement of freight through the terminal.

The carriers’ requirements of continuing education and computer literacy for yardmasters and clerks presents an ongoing challenge met consistently and professionally by highly skilled and motivated UTU members.