August 27, 2016

Locals should prepare for officer elections

election_checkboxSMART Transportation Division locals are advised that in fall of 2014, all locals must hold elections for officers of the local and officers of their local committees of adjustment.

General committees of adjustment will also have to hold elections for general chairpersons if the office is filled by a referendum vote. A referendum vote permits all eligible members of the general committee to participate in the election as opposed to just the local chairpersons of the general committee.

The SMART Transportation Division office in early August will send a special sircular regarding officer elections to each local with instructions on how to properly conduct local elections.

Information on holding elections for local officers can be found on the SMART TD website at by selecting “S&T Tools” in the grey menu bar, then selecting “More forms…” under “Forms and Documents.” Guidelines set by the Department of Labor can also be found there.