August 25, 2016

Amtrak pass information

Amtrak provides eligible active and retired UTU members with passes which can be used to get free or reduced-rate travel aboard the passenger railroad.

UTU membership alone does not make the employee or retiree eligible for these travel privileges, and many restrictions apply.

To get an Amtrak pass, the employee or retiree must fill out an application form (referred to “NRPC Form 90”) that is supplied by his or her home railroad. When the form is completed, it should be returned to the railroad. The railroad then certifies the information supplied by the employee or retiree and forwards the application to Amtrak, which reviews the information and, if the member or retiree is eligible, issues an Amtrak Rail Travel Privilege Card.

Level of privileges is determined by employment dates and rail affiliation.

Questions regarding eligibility for passes should be directed to the member’s or retiree’s home railroad, not the UTU or Amtrak’s Travel Service Office.

Passes have no expiration date, and are good for the duration of the employee’s rail career. Upon retiring, however, the member should apply for a retirees’ pass by completing a new Form 90.

Also note that pink-colored Rail Travel Privilege Cards have no expiration date.